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  • aRocket Web
    Software, discussion forum and information supporting civil rocketry research and development. Rocket Science for the Masses.

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  • IEAS Home Page
    International Experimental Aerospace Society
    The IEAS is an education and research society of rocketry and space technology experimenters from around the world who wish to cooperate to achieve higher goals than would be possible when working individually. Together we can better defend ourights to carry out our research, share safe and effective techniques, and distribute the workload of larger projects. We intend to seek external funding sources to assist our research and educational out-reach efforts. See our Vision and Mission statements to learn more.
  • Rocketry.Org
    This site was started to create a central location on the Internet for amateur and experimental rocketry information.
  • Fly Rockets
    Welcome to Rocketry. The fastest sport on the planet!. The Fly Rockets site was developed to introduce you to every aspect of Sport, Experimental, and Amateur Rocketry.
  • RocketForge
    An OpenSource efford aimed at spaceflight.

    The purpose of this site is to act as a conduit for the sharing of high quality Amateur Rocketry, HPR, and BAR information (for newbies and old hands alike).
  • Rocket Workbench
    The Rocket Workbench Project is a mission to develop high quality software tools for the design of experimental rockets.
  • Rocketry Online
    Model and HPR rocketry site with lots of references
  • European Model Rocketry
    Oliver Missbach's page of Model Rocketry in Europe - Clubs, Vendors, Links, Contact Persons and more.
    The first and only site with extensive, real data for everything having to do with rocketry

  • Rocket Handbook

  • Portuguese language amateur rocketry information site
  • Rocket Space

  • HobbySpace - Amateur & Student Advanced Rocketry...
  • The Amateur Rocketry Society of America
    Our Goal Is To Promote Non-Professional Rocketry In The United States
  • MaxThrust
    Links to software and reports on model rocketry.

  • Strib's Rocket Stuff
    Links to software and reports on model rocketry.

  • Index of /pub/archives/rec.models.rockets
  • Countdown Online
    Online Model Rocketry magazine (in German).

Mailing Lists

  • aRocket mailing list
    Amateur & Experimental rocketry mailing list.
    Listowner: Ray Calkins.
    IEAS Mailing List. (see IEAS for details) Listowner Carl A. Blood
  • ChemRoc Discussion Group
    All rocket motor related scientific interests are welcome. The purpose of the group is to discuss topics with other scientists and amateur scientists for the purpose of increasing rocket propulsion knowledge.
    Listowner: James E. Lanier
  • SUGPRO Sugar propellants forum. Listowner: David Muesing. Anyone wanting to subscribe can send a message to: with the following in the message body: subscribe firstname lastname (Yes, substitute your actual email address and name where indicated!)
  • ERPS Email List
  • The CATS Board
  • Ad Astra
    Ad Astra (Até as estrelas). Portuguese language amateur rocketry mailing list
    Listowner: Frederico Paro
  • Hybriddyne Forum
    Hybrid Forum for getting information out to experimenters on hybrid rocket propulsion.
  • BProckets
    BProckets -- Black Powder rockets discussion list
  • Modellraketen Forum

  • German language rocketry discussion forum
  • Forum
    German rocketry forum
  • Foro "Cohetes"
    Primer Foro de Cohetería modelista, experimental y amateur de habla hispana en internet.

  • Raketomodelny
    Russian rocketry forum.
  • Rocketworkbench-devel
    This is the Rocket Workbench Project development mailing list. Listowner: Antoine Lefebvre
  • NO3-propellants
    Experimental Advanced Nitrate-type Solid Propellants: Investigating Slow-burning Compositions (with Microjet Propulsion Lab)
  • The Micro Hybrid Forum
  • The Rocketry Forum

  • Water Rockets Mailing List
    The forum for discussion of homemade rockets powered with compressed air and water, and of related topics.
  • JTR Mailing List
    Jets, Turbines and Rockets Mailing List Resource.
    Listowner: Kalle Pihlajasaari.

Rocketry FAQ's

  • aRocket Experimental Rocketry FAQ
    Amateur and Experimental Rocketry FAQ. Very extensive.
  • The rec.models.rockets FAQ
    Model rocketry and HPR FAQ.
  • Glossary of Terms
    Glossary of Common Model and High Power Rocketry Terms.
  • Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use
    This dictionary was origninally published as NASA SP-7 in 1965. The editor for the first edition was William H. Allen.
  • NASA Thesaurus
    A thesaurus for rocketry and related topics - NOW IN PDF!.
  • Jane's Internet Defence Glossary
    Database with over 20,000 defence-related acronyms and abbreviations.
  • DOD Dictionary of Military Terms
    Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.

    Organizations & Individuals on the WWW


  • AATE

  • Asociación Argentina de Tecnología Espacial. The Argentine Association for Space Technology (Asociación Argentina de Tecnología Espacial, AATE) is a non-profit organization based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our goals are to promote, cooperate and develop the space activities in Argentina, jointly with international institutions with a complete respect to the pacific uses of space.
    Asociación de Cohetería Experimental y Modelista Argentina
  • The web page of Guillermo Descalzo

  • A rocketry web page for the spanish speaking community
  • Juan Parczewski´s Amateur Experimental Rocketry WEB Site

  • Australia


  • asri

  • Australian Space Research Institute (The AUSROC program)
  • Craig's Stuff
  • Craig Strudwicke's page
  • NSW Rocketry Association
  • Rockets Australia
    Welcome to Rockets Australia!
    This site is designed for anyone interested in model rockets in Australia. Some of the information on this site will be useful to international hobbyists but seeing as there seems to be no other website for Australia, some of our information is there specifically for Australians. The Beginner' Section has advice on buying and building your first kit, and explains how a rocket works. The Legal Stuff Section has advice on the legal situation (specifically for Australia). The Special Project Section will highlight paticuarly cool rocket projects we hear about. Have a look around, enjoy.
  • Rockets Down Under
    David Boyd's Australian Rocketry Home Page.

  • Austria

  • IMR
    Interessengemeinschaft Modellraketen e.V. (IMR)

  • Belgium

  • Damien Teney's rocketry pages
    Damien Teney's work on H2O2 propulsion an rocket technology
  • GEA
    G.E.A. - Groupe d'Etudes Aérospatiales.
  • VRO

  • Vlaamse Raket Organisatie (former BVRO)


  • Robson Hahn

  • Robson Henrique dos Santos Hahn's homepage
  • Nakka BR

  • "Site de foguetes experimentais de Richard Nakka". Portuguese translation by Daniel Campana Rascio of Richard Nakka's experimental rocketry page (see below!)


  • A3MAQ

  • Antoine Lefebvre's High Power Rocketry Page

  • GAUL

  • Le Groupe Aérospatial de l'Université Laval
  • Richard Nakka's Experimental Rocketry Page on the World Wide Web

  • Richard Nakka has made his rocketry experience awailable on the WEB - Thanks!

    Also some activities by individuals.

    Czech Republic


  • Raketky

  • Denmark

  • DARK

  • Dansk Amatør Raket Klub.
  • DSC

  • Danish Space Challenge.
  • Raketgruppen
    A group of enthusiastic volunteers who work with rockets.

  • Finland


  • France


  • Experimental Rocketry under ANSTJ

  • Le CLES FACIL est né de l'union de deux clubs :
    le Fusée Astronautique Club de l'INSA de Lyon datant des années 60
    le Club Lyonnais d'Expérimentation Spatiale plus récent.
  • ESO

  • Estaca Space Odyssey (ESO), club de l'Ecole Supérieure des Techniques Aéronautiques et de Construction Automobile (Levallois Perret)
  • Eureka+

  • GRETSS**

  • Groupe de Recherche et d'Etudes des Techniques Spatiales de Strasbourg
    Philippe Reignier's Web Site.

  • Germany

  • Antares Hybridraketen

  • Hybrid motor development
  • Aquarius
    Aquarius Heißwasserantriebe (steamrockets).

  • ASC
    Aerospace Systems Cologne
  • Experimental-Raketen

  • Wolfgang Schäfer's web site. Steam Rocket projects
  • FAR

  • Forschungsgruppe Alternative Raumfahrtkonzepte (Research Group on AlternaTive Space Flight Concepts)
  • DERA

  • Deutsche Experimental Raketen Arbeitsgruppe.
  • IMR
    Interessengemeinschaft Modellraketen e.V. (IMR)
  • Liquid Propulsion

  • Liquid Propulsion by Rocket Research Göttingen (RRG).

    Great Britain

  • AspireSpace

  • AspireSpace is one of Britain's leading amateur rocketry organisations, with nearly a decade of experience in the design of construction of small rocket vehicles and associated hardware.
  • Bradshaw-Jones Engineering

  • BJ Engineering - Leading the World in Steam-powered Rocketry.
  • James Padfield's Rocketry Homepage

  • MARS

  • The Middlesex Advanced Rocketry Society.
  • WRRS



  • amatör rakétaépítés
    csimcsam's hungarian rocketry page

  • Italy


  • ACME

  • Associazione Costruttori Micromissili Europei.
  • FME
    Federazione Missilistica Europea
  • Laser Rocket Team

  • Missilistica Sperimentale

  • Italian Amateur Rocketry - Historical Projects.


  • CITE

  • Centro de Investigación de Tecnología Espacial
  • Superheated steam rockets

  • New Zealand

  • NZRA

  • Matt and Matts New Zealand rocket page

  • North America


  • North American Propulsion and Aerospace Society.


  • NEAR

  • Norwegian Experimental Amateur Rocketry.
    The Narvik department of NEAR.
  • Saetaspace.

  • Rocket project groupfounded by Eivind Sæta in December 2000
  • Website of Experimental Sounding Rockets.

  • Emil Johnsen's web site



  • KSARD - Amatorskie Rakiety Doswiadczalne - Witaj w serwisie Ksarda


  • Serge77

  • Scotland

  • STAAR Research

  • STAAR Research - The Scottish Rocket Programme.


  • ARK Komarov
    Astronavtsko raketarski klub Vladimir M. Komarov

  • South Africa

  • Gert & JJ's Amateur Rocketry Webpage

  • Rocketry SA
    The Rocketry portal for South Africa. Information and links to all that is Rocketry
    SAHPR (South African High Power Rocketry Association) -The controlling body for HPR in SA.
  • SARA

  • South African Rocketry



  • Cohetes Experimentales
  • T.A.A.R.

  • T.A.A.R. Teacnologia Aerospacial AmateuR
  • TAAX
    tecnología AEROESPACIAL amateur extremeña.

  • Sweden

  • Carsten Glans' web site
    HPR and Experimental rocketry in Sweden.
  • Kenneth Benjaminsson's page
  • Raketgruppen IRA
    The history and works of a now former rocket club.

  • Switzerland

    ARGOS - Advanced Rocketry Group Of Switzerland
  • IMR
    Interessengemeinschaft Modellraketen e.V. (IMR)
  • SPL

  • Swiss Propulsion Laboratory

    The Netherlands

  • BoysToys
    This is a site devoted to our greatest hobbies: model planes, model helis and model rockets.

  • DARE
    Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering. Student rocket organisation at the Delft technical university.

  • John Koster's Rocket Page

  • NAVRO - Nederlandse Amateur Vereniging voor Raket-Onderzoek

  • NERO

  • NEderlandse federatie voor Raket Onderzoek.
  • Eadric's Rocket Page

  • Home Page of Eadric Wildeboer
  • Vertical Limits
    Vertical Limits Extreme Rocketry. Home of Jurriaan van de Beek

  • USA

  • Aerospace Engineering @ the Beach!

  • California Launch Vehicle Education Initiative
  • Armadillo Aerospace

  • Vertical takeoff, vertical landing (VTVL) hydrogen peroxide rocket vehicles
  • ARSP

  • The Amateur Rocketry Society of Pequea (ARSP) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the research and continued development of amateur and experimental rocketry.
  • ASA

  • Amateur Spaceflight Association
  • ASGP

  • Alaska Student Rocket Program
  • Evan's Rocket Pages

  • The Art of the All-PVC Amateur Hybrid Rocket Engine
  • The Blast Zone

  • Home site of Greg Deputy. Just your average Pyro-Computer-Rocket Geek
  • Cal Poly Space Systems

  • Cal Poly Space Systems, College of engineering - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.
    Civilian Experimental Rocketry Test Area.
  • Dak's amateur rocketry page

  • DJD Aerospace
  • DJ's Nozzle-less rockets
    Experimental Manned Rockets Website
  • ERPS

  • Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society.
  • Greg Coleman's Web Site

  • Inverse Engineering

  • Rocketry page of Dan Pollino of San Diego.
  • Jimmy Yawn's Rocketry Pages

  • - Serious about safety, silly about the rest.
  • JP Aerospace

  • "America's OTHER Space Program"

  • Nevada Aero Space Science Associates.
  • Rocket High

  • Jeff Jakob's Rocket Site.
  • The Kooiman Experimental Rocketry Project

  • The rocketry experiments of Keith and Joe Kooiman
  • Kurt Theis' Amateur and Experimental Rocketry

  • Mark's Rocketry and Pyrotechnics Page


  • This site offers news on the totally new hobby of Model Rocket Boating!
  • PRS

  • Pacific Rocket Society.
  • Pat Bunn’s Experimental Rocket Page
    Penhandle of Texas Rocketry Society.
  • PSAS

  • Portland State Aerospace Society AESS Rocket Project
  • Rocket Research Homepage

  • A site logging The Rocketry Research Group's progress in their endless research into rocketry, propulsion and science in general.
  • R.A.T.T. WORKS

  • Rene's Home Page

  • Home Page of RRS member Rene Caldera
  • RRS

  • Reaction Research Society.
  • Rocket Guy

  • Manned homenuildt rockets, by Brian Walker
  • Robert Galejs' Rocket Stuff
  • SABC

  • Sociedad Astronomica de Baja California
  • Sacramento L5

  • Scott's Experimental Rocketry

  • Skies The Limit Rocketry

  • Stanford University Aero Fluid Mechanics Lab

  • Sunset Rocketry Club

  • the rocketry organization at Sunset High School in Portland, Oregon

  • The Spaceflight page by Mark Goll.
  • Stuart's Rocket Motor Development Page

  • Stuart Leslie's page of miniature rocket motors
  • Ted Proseus' Rocketry Home
  • Terran Space Agency
    Terran Space Agency is a group of people with the common purpose of personally exploring space.
  • Trailer trash aerospace
    Trailer trash aerospace is a group of high-power and experimental rocket enthusiasts in the desert southwest building magnificent things with the thinnest of resources.


  • The Rocketry Page

  • Jonny Dyer's Page for The Amateur Experimental Rocketry Enthusiast
  • UALR

  • The Hybrid Rocket Facility of the The University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • Wompigator's Rocket Propulsion Operations
  • Hot news

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